Why we care.

In The Pocket’s strength has always been creating digital experiences that make people happy. It only feels logical to contribute to our society and its communities. That’s why we’ve decided to support Kom Op Tegen Kanker.

About Kom Op Tegen Kanker

Kom Op Tegen Kanker is a Belgian based non-profit organization focusing on cancer patients’ access for optimal medical care. They fund and conduct research, share their expertise, support patients, and spread awareness about cancer prevention.

How can you help? 

Together we’re making a difference - and you can too. A good way to start is by buying some of our own In The Pocket brews: Rocket Fuel. Or purchase one of our other goodies.

What will happen to your donation? 

Each year, before summer we’ll donate all the raised money to Kom Op Tegen Kanker to help them in their fight against cancer.